When you start law school, you are immediately lead to believe that your only purpose is to learn how you should think like a lawyer. But not everyone knows what that even means. Here is a summary of understanding the answer to that sentence.

You know that you are thinking like a lawyer:


  1. If your classmates who are walking with you proceed to deliberate whether you were negligent or not.
  2. If your first thought is “battery”, after being sideswiped by a passing biker.
  3. When and if a fellow classmate asks you for a favor and you refuse to help until and unless they show some amount of consideration.
  4. When you sacrifice your free time, your time outside your classroom to create an elaborate thing out of a case which will entertain your professor.
  5. When you make something for your classmates like cookies, and you conveniently avoid liability in the event that some ingredient ended up in your product, that wasn’t supposed to be there.
  6. When your mock client in your lawyer class becomes a person, and you feel that you need to defend them against opposing parties.
  7. When you cannot enjoy Oscar season without spotting a legal error in movies that you see alone or with your friends. (the social network, true grit, etc.)
  8. When you realize that you have reached a point where only other law students can appreciate your sense of humor and also your legal puns.
  9. Your professor will also tell you that you start thinking like a lawyer when you are precise, skeptical, prepared, develop good judgment, and also when you realize that you have been granted a great privilege that surely comes with some immense responsibilities.


  1. When you watch TV shows like Law and Order, you are annoyed by all the mistakes and inconsistencies and even violation of many rights in the show.
  2. When you go out with a couple of friends who are not law students and start pointing out their mistakes when it comes to breaking some laws which are not too significant, and you later feel that you should not have done that.
  3. When you yourself start avoiding doing certain things because it would break the law in small ways, like jaywalking in an empty street even though there are absolutely no cars around.

Little things like this will surely make you think that you are thinking like a lawyer. When you have a lot of lawyer friends, it is an enjoyable experience so you won’t feel too alone. Studying law is undoubtedly a very tedious yet rewarding experience, do take it seriously.